June 10, 2011

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Mobile Support for Blog Engine

I’m currently trying to learn some subjects, which is HTML5 for rich content editing and WebGL for better content presentation. I’ve also come across one major feature that will complete the Blog Engine (which I was referring to as “CMS” previously). I’m currently learning how to make an Android app.

Why an app, and why android? First, it has to be an app because I’d like to have the ability to update my blog easily with my mobile devices. Second, I develop on android because, well, my phone is an Android phone.

I’d like to have the ability to edit my content not only from anywhere, but also when I have no internet connection. Yes, we will soon be able to edit our content in offline mode. How do I do that? That’s simple. Like most android app, including the Gmail app, those things store data in our local storage, and sync it whenever something new come out. So, when we update from the app or from the web based editor, it will always be synced. Therefore, we will always have an offline backup of our contents, and we can edit them with no internet connection.

With HTML5 and WebGL already at work, added with the offline Android app, that’s a lot of work indeed. However, when it’s all finished, it will become a complete package of Blog Engine. At last, happy blogging!