March 4, 2011

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New Hosting Power Revealed

Finally, the moving process is done. Previously, I use a hosting plan that is both overpriced and underpowered. I’ve just realized that recently, when I compare my hosting plan to my friend’s. Previously, I’ve got 500MB of disc space and 15GB of bandwidth at Rp450,000. Now, I’ve got 5GB of disc space and 100GB of bandwidth at Rp400,000. That’s almost 10 times the power with a cheaper price. That’s something to be questioned.

However, since this is an announcement post, I’ll try to set everything straight. With this new hosting power, I’ll be experimenting a lot with HTML5, especially it’s ability in playing multimedia files (video/audio) without the need of Flash. I’ll also be experimenting a lot with HTML5 canvas and it’s implementation with javascript to create a dynamically changing UI.

I’ll try my best to keep you posted when I have time away from my work and my real life.
Happy blogging!