October 14, 2011

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OOCMS: The New Beginning

The OOCMS (Object Oriented Content Management System) has been out in the wild for several days now. You can view it here. It is now half finished, still need an Admin panel though.

It seems that building with OOP and a better background in web programming makes the coding time shorter. It only took several days to reach this stage which originally it took more than a week. I’m confident that all of the framework (excluding CSS and better index formatting) will be done (default-system wise) at around 23rd of October.

I’m currently working alone, and it’s not a problem for now. However, when the default framework is finished, I’ll be looking for independent developers to help me extend its capabilities, including some hardcore javascript implementation, and also not to forget, HTML5 based publishing (something similar to photoshop, movie editor, and sound editor) and webGL.

Let’s hope the best for this project, and may it benefit people abundantly. Happy blogging!