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Finally, I can create a safe admin page with login prompt!

Currently, it is just able to post new content and update previous content. Well, you don not need to know anything about that since you wont be using it, but it is safe to say that it will be a lot easier for me to update this blog without having to login to my hosting account.

As a bonus, I added a better comment system so that people can distinguish between an admin and a visitor. The admin (me) will have a red line on the left side of his comment.

Well, it is already 2:22 AM here (my server time is 2 minutes behind my laptop clock), so I can not think much of what to post about. So, that is all from me.
Happy blogging!

I have been blogging since junior high. In the process, I've come across many CMS and blog hosting services including blogger, wordpress, friendster blog, and joomla. Those services were great, but each of them has their own limitation that keeps me from truly personalizing my blog. That's why I finally decided to take a totally different path from what I've been doing this past couple of years. I'm making my blog from the ground up, literally.

Yes, I'm writing all the codes from zero. This way, I'll always be sure that I can do whatever I want with my blog, since I'm the one who made it. It's not going to be an easy job, since I've just got started with PHP and all of the web programming stuff, but I hope that this blog can be my reason to always study web programming. I haven't even make the admin page yet, but, I can handle all the content updating via phpMyAdmin (for now).

In this blog, I will try to post as few personal posts as possible and more informational and educational posts. Why am I doing this? The answer is simple. It's because I have facebook and twitter, and also a blog. I'm trying to differentiate them. Twitter is more personal for me, so I can comfortably post personal stuff in it. Facebook, I must say, is a bit more public, so I'll think twice to post really personal stuff into it. In contrast, a blog is something that even a stranger can always look at, so, it's a bit risky to post really personal stuff into it. That's why I'll post more non-personal stuff in this blog.

So, where is my previous blog? Is it still accessible? The answer is, YES, it is still accessible. I will not move the contents to this blog, because I want to start clean. if you want to access my previous blog, you can access it from here.

I block the access to my previous blog for security reason (because I won't be able to update the wordpress regularly, which led to possible security threat). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, I've nothing more to say for now, so, happy blogging!