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Yesterday I attend the 11th Anniversary of Antiokhia MKK at Gereja MKK. This event was great despite the lack of audience. We sing together, play game together, and watch a play presented by Antiokhia MKK. When the event was about to be ended, Antiokhia MKK sang a song made by themselves titled "Thank You Antiokh".

Unfortunately, due to the pitiful origin of this song, it's still something that's not meant to be shared. Even though the lyric reflects the spirit of Antiokhia in general, the makers still think that this is to hard to be shared. That's why I can't write the lyric here. I, however, think that this song is really great and will definitely be a hit in the Antiokhia community, because lots of Antiokhers are experiencing this feeling. I urge the makers of this song to let this song be shared among us. If it's recognition that they want, we will be pleased to sincerely give attribution in anyway that's possible for Antiokhia MKK. That's just my thought though.

Hopefully, by writing on this blog, all Antiokhers who read this will be reminded of the journey that they had had in Antiokhia. May God be with us! Happy blogging!